Monday, February 27, 2012

Shamian Island Medical Exam - February 4th 2012

Today would prove to be our busiest day since we arrived in China.  The day started out with breakfast in the Cafe at 8:00am.  There was a bit of a struggle for Gracyn & Jadyn to get along.  Gracyn would tell Jadyn....Wu Ah Ni, which means I love you in Mandarin, and Jadyn would turn her nose up at her and look the opposite direction.  So Gracyn spent most of the morning yearning for her baby sisters affection, and Jadyn wouldn't budge.  They fought most of the morning, kicking, screaming and even biting.  :(

Breakfast was actually pretty good.  A large buffet style with American & Asian dishes and tons of variety.  From noodles, to congee, to French toast, waffles & omelets.  I had dried bananas & Pineapple.  That was all I dared to try.  
9:00 am we were on the crowded bus with all the families.  Some of which we had not seen since our departure from Beijing.  It was so nice to see everyone with there new little ones.  They all seemed to have been adjusting so well.  Moms, Dads, and children.  

When we got off the bus on Shamian Island which was beautiful I might add, we went straight to a small store where each child's photo was taken for their Visa.  CCAI really knows what they are doing.  Talk about holding your hand...They have held ours every step of the way.   Our guides gave us all the details we needed to know, before we entered the clinic for our children's medical exams for their Visa Approval.  Any of the children who were over 2 years of age got an added bonus of getting a TB Skin test as well. Wouldn't you know our Jadyn was one of those lucky ones.  Jadyn was so scared.  The clinic was so crowded,  we were warned about how busy they would be.  We all sat in a very small sitting area until the visa photos were developed and could be attached to our child's paperwork.  

When our guides had each child's picture ready we started the long process of going through three different stations.  1st height, weight, & head circumference.  Then an ENT exam, which I don't know how they were able to check everything in the 30 seconds it took for the nurse to complete it, by just squeaking a toy in Jadyns ear.  Poor Jadyn clung to me with everything she had.  She was so scared.  She wouldn't look at anyone else, she would not get down and play with all the other children either.  The only two who would not get down to play were again her, and Long-Hi.  Poor babies you could see how scared they were, but every other child seemed carefree and safe playing with all the toys and other children in the clinic.  I tried to encourage Jadyn to play with her sister and the others, but she would have nothing to do with anyone but Mommy!  She would barely gaze in Davids direction when he addressed her in any way by calling her Jadyn or Xin Xiang.  She clung to me like a magnet.
  Finally Jadyn had to be examined by the Doctor.  All was well and we were free to move on to our final step, The TB  Test. Jadyn barely flinched when the Nurse placed the tuberculin syringe in her forearm.    Gracyn held her sisters hand and told her how brave she was, and what a little warrior she was.

When we were finally finished it was back to the hotel for lunch and naps.  The girls were out in less 
than five.  It was McDonalds which was across the street for lunch.  The fries tasted the same, heck even the nuggets were the same.  
David had a double cheese burger and it was pretty close to home, but I still wasn't eating it.  

We played with the girls a bit, with Plato, and puzzles and coloring until it was time for dinner.  We met all the families down in the lobby for a group dinner at a place within walking distance called Macaw's. 

Before we met everyone there David decided to rent a stroller for the remainder of our trip.  So I wouldn't have to carry Jadyn everywhere, cause my arms and back were killing me.  So off to the Resturaunt we went.  David pushed Jadyn in the stroller as she screamed bloody murder for momma.  The entire way there she screamed... Momma Baw Baw.  The guides tried to console her and she was not having it.  She was angry now and by the time we got to the Resturaunt she was drenched with sweat from getting so worked up.  I hated seeing her cry, but knew at some point she's going to have to let Daddy help.  David almost left with her until I gave in and let her sit next to me in her high chair to eat.  Food brings this little girl comfort. She acted like she was starving to death.  So she was now happy when food was placed in front of her and she wrapped her arms around my neck and said, " Wu Ah Ni Momma." Yep she just wanted her Momma and all was right in the world.  
After dinner she even let David push her back to the hotel and we went for a Starbucks break.  I had not even had one cup of  coffee since we left Charleston and tnow there was one seven floors below me.  What was I thinking?  So it was coffee and then bath & bedtime for the girls.  

Night time brought about three episodes of Jadyn crying for me in hysteria.  She eventually calmed down after waking the entire 7th floor up on all three occasions.  Poor baby, just was so confused and almost in a trance like state each time.  
I hope when we are home she will know we don't live in a hotel and we are not Nomads.  Maybe then it will be easier for her to rest, and not be so frightened

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  1. That clinic trip was stressful! I think the entire place heard Dani! So blessed to travel with you and your beautiful family, hope the girls are well on the road to recovery.