Monday, February 27, 2012

Guangzhou ~ February 3rd 2012

Today yeah......we were finally going to Guangzhou.  

Guandong Province
We were telling Jadyn all morning that we were going on a "Feji," or "Feji bye bye," which means plane in Mandarin... She liked the idea as long as "Momma go Feji."  All is good as long as Momma goes.  The girls went for a walk and the playroom with Daddy.  Each day we make sure that David takes the girl on a fun outing to help with bonding to Jadyn.  I mean what a great example for Jadyn to see just how much affection Gracyn gives to her Daddy or Baba - then for Jadyn to mimic that same affection.  God knows, it has to help with her acceptance of David.  After a quick nap we all had some "wanna be" rendition of American ice cream....far cry and I actually spit mine out because it tasted horrible.   At 2:20pm we set our luggage out in the hall and we were on our final bus ride in Zhengzhou headed to the airport at 3:00pm.  We said our goodbyes to Vivian & Yisha after our entire group checked in at the airport.  

Yisha on the Left & Vivian our Guides...We will miss you both!
While all the families checked in one at a time, the kids all played and ran around.  Even Jadyn got down and at least watched all the other kids play...... It was a start.  Then she would realize I was watching and strat crying for me to hold her.  


Daddy and the girls ate turkey sandwiches after we got through security, they said they were really good.  I didn't care I wasn't eating any meat that didn't seem to resemble Turkey.  My stomach was having a hard enough time eating the very little I was already eating.  
We boarded the packed airplane and the girls fought and cried as to who would sit next to me.  Thank God there were three seats across a row, so I was able to sit in the middle of the two so they didn't claw one another's eyes out.  They fought more today than any other day thus far.  Love between them seems to have been lost somewhere, but hopefully it will return soon.  Now fighting and refereeing, on top of everything else was an added stressor. 

Gracyn seemed to give in to what ever Jadyn wanted except when it came to me.... She would cry and say..."but I was your special baby first," Gracyn was done with the whole sister thing for sure!!!!  Poor Jadyn must be my stress eater because that little girl would eat everything in sight if you let her.  

We arrived in Guanghou around 8:30 pm,and got our luggage and headed to the bus with our new guides, Kathy & Jocelyn.  We had to have a separate van just for all of the familys luggage.  I know we had so much.  

Air Traffic Control

When we got to The China Hotel, The Marriott, I was pleasantly surprised as it was the nicest hotel we had been to so far.  Equipped with our very own Starbucks.... A taste of home!  


The Bathroom - My favorite

We did some heavy duty unpacking and then it was a very late bedtime for all of us.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring a new day.   
Sister Sleep....

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