Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Beauty of Guangzhou

February 5th 2012

We all slept in.  Well if you want to call 7:45 sleeping in.  I was delighted to get a few extra minutes of some much needed sleep.  We signed up with five other families to go on the tour to see some of the Beauty that can be captured with the eye of one Canon 40D lens.  The only memories we would have for Jadyn until we would return one day, when she's a bit older.  

Breakfast and then we were on the tour bus to Six Banyan Pagoda & Temple.  I felt a bit strange entering into a place where people did not know the Savior of the world, but worshiped many Buddha's and idols.  I couldn't even imagine not being able to have the freedom to practice the religion of my choice.  I looked around and saw what seemed like hundreds of people.  Would they be considered some of the 'lost?'  That thought had me questioning God.  How in a place like this, can those who are 'lost' be found?  In a country where having religious material can have you imprisoned or worse.  How could the gospel be spread to a people that knew so little of an eternity in heaven?  I wrestled with the thought for longer than I wanted to.  How did people like missionaries spread the word in a place like this?  I have to admit I've never been a bold Christian, though it's my duty, to spread the good news.  In those moments, I found myself praying for an entire Country.  

Six Banyan Pagoda

Daddy & Jadyn
Gracyn & Jadyn
Mommy Love
Sweet Dan Dan
Mr. Jacob means Business
Daddy's Litle Girls
A not so 'happy' Cooper

Sweet Iris
The Lewallen Family

From the Temple we then went to the famous Chen House & Folk Art Museum. It was very beautiful.  All Gracyn cared about was the Dragon at the front of the entrance.  Jadyn was starting to get cranky and the fighting between two sisters began.  Gracyn would antagonize her and say, "ha, ha Jadyn I don't have to sit in a stroller."  As if Jadyn knew what she was saying.  It was all body language and attitude and it was on for the two girls.  100% pure sibling rivalry at its best.  

 Gracyn & Her Dragon
 The Family 
 Daddy teaching Jadyn the 'meany' face
 Leave me alone Gracyn

 A Lyons Lion

From the Museum it was to a small shopping market.  Jocelyn our CCAI representative was great.  The market well a little much for five families with toddlers.  They had some really nice....very expensive art work, china, and many other items.  I was afraid Gracyn would be way too excited and knock something expensive over.  So it was out the door we went.  We walked across the street to the corner mini grocer and got a few snacks for the girls.  

By the time we got back it was 12:30 and we had two very hungry girls.  Ramon noodles was their favorite - and quite frankly I don't know how they even fit all those noodles in their tummies.  

We walked around the Hotel and I even went down to the lobby while the girls took their nap.  No dinner plans so we ate at the Cafe on the second floor.  We had Pizza, Pasta & David had a really yummy burger.  

It was an early night for our family.  First crazy bath time.  Jadyn had her first self inflicted injury. She chipped her front tooth on the porcelain tub. After a quick nursing assessment I decided that was enough of a scare for one day.  It was lights out.  

Bath Time